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Mighty Burger! from DynoMighty

DynoMighty’s Artist Collective contest has finished and Mighty Burger (up close with a big meaty bacon cheeseburger) was one of the winning designs. Thank you to DynoMighty for sending me a free copy! The design is now available as part of their main line on and should be available in physical stores that carry […]

The Dangers of Paypal For Freelancers

A friendly warning, repeated again, to any freelance tech support people or tech people in general who like to help their friends. If you provide something as simple as support to a user, or share a computer with a friend/family member who’s Paypal account gets banned, yours will be linked to it and also banned. […]

Mighty Wallet Reviewed


I recently bought a Mighty Wallet design as a gift for a family member. Here are some photos of the wallet up close at various angles, to give a view a little different from the website’s 3D generated one. Picture links go to the store page. And please VOTE BURGER on Dynomighty’s design roll call! […]

Warning – Paypal Will Ban YOU Based On Your CLIENTS

After having a Paypal account since somewhere around 1999, I got the dreaded “account limited” email and it was actually real this time. Account permanently limited, no appeal. And a vague reason for the limitation: “After recently reviewing your PayPal account activity we have determined that you are linked to other PayPal accounts that have […]

Winter Themed Designs

If you’re somewhere cold, you might appreciate some of these. Snow and ice can be beautiful to look at, but what a pain to travel in. Snow Sucks Sticker and Tees F*** Snow Tees and Stickers Also some winter themed greeting cards and postcards:

New Shirt Store on TeePublic

Check out the designs on TeePublic! One of the more affordably price T-shirt PODs on the market, TeePublic shirts start out at $14 for the first 3 days of publishing, and $20 thereafter. Some of the t-shirt designs up now :

Step by Step Process – Monster Face

Demon Face

This is the step by step of taking the Monster Face demon tattoo and shirt design from start to finish. The steps had been gone over in the previous post, but here are pictures to accompany it. Start with a sketch Originally I had posted that the second step was digital cleanup. But looking through […]

Then and Now – The Evil Clown

Evil Clown Tattoo - then and now

The “Evil Clown Beast” design ( see here ) underwent a bit of an evolution to get to it’s current style. Originally a small bit of tattoo flash with other “evil clowns” made in the early 2000s, it was recently upscaled and recolored to it’s current form. Original clowns tattoo flash sheet The “tearing” evil […]