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Animation Tests

Below is a playlist of some After Effects and other animations, this list will grow. Some of these are projects to become reacquainted with the software, others are concepts for game menu backgrounds or screen savers.

Zazzle Season of Love Coupon

Jan 17 2016 EDIT Coupon no longer valid of course. However, Due to Zazzle’s increasing complexity and lack of decent communication with artists regarding changes to their system and artists’ own stores, zazzle links and products will be removed from this site until such issues are solved.

Samsung Galaxy Case and Skin Feature

Lots of shops have begun to offer cases and skins for the latest Samsung Galaxy models. Some of these phone cases are just for aesthetic purposes, other cases and skins can toughen up and protect your cell phone. The case styles offered range from the latest Samsung Galaxy S4s , older S3 models and some […]

Free Wallpaper Site

The new free wallpaper for desktop and mobile backgrounds site is underway on This wallpaper website will feature original designs for your devices, photos and some random fanart. Many of the designs featured on this site will also have wallpaper versions available for download. Below are a few wallpaper designs to check out : […]

Holiday POD Deals

If you’ve been eyeballing things for sale on print-on-demand sites like Zazzle or Redbubble type sites but feel they are usually too expensive…now is your chance! Zazzle in particular is having short lived-coupon deals that are changing every few days. Some are cheesey 20% ones, other coupon codes are good for 50% off of specific […]

Shapeways 2D to 3D Explorations

I recently tweeted about ordering some prototypes from Shapeways – The designs were made using their “2D to 3D” creator tool. Three designs were attempted and ordered: The first one went through with no problem so far. The other two were kicked back for a variety of reasons that they could not be printed. […]

iPhone Skin / Case Feature

I’ve been getting requests to do more iPhone / cell phone case designs, so here’s a few from various sites, including the phone skin / sticker variety. More Phone Skins from Society 6 More Phone Cases from Zazzle 6

Short Review – Print On Demand Sites

This is a quick review of a few “print on demand” sites, talking about the sites themselves and their basic usability.  In later reviews, I’ll talk about some of the products as I order them.  I mention some stores as “newcomers”, because when I originally did some of these, it was around 2003 or before.  […]


One of my shirt designs (Tearing) from RedBubble was recently featured on GeekShirtsHQ. The Demon Tearing design was also featured this week on the Mystical Magical Creatures group on RedBubble. Thank you !