Monster Face


Demon monster face, inspired by the video game Doom. Originally the basis for a tattoo design.

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doom demon red

The step-by-step of this one might interest some people:

First: Pencil sketch, which wasn’t very symmetrical.
Second: Scan, chop down the center and mirror.
Third: Digitally correct any aberrations caused by the mirroring (in this case, the nose and teeth had issues), and clean up.
Fourth: Print, enlarged, with fairly light/conservative ink setting on a B/W laser printer. The “dot” pattern will be noticeable, but the reason for printing this is to ink over it.
Fifth: Ink the lines only, rescan as this was a tattoo design and linework was requested.
Sixth: Add pencil shading and scan.
Seventh: Add various color layers in different blending modes to achieve some semblance of color values. Some layers have effects applied (like plastic wrap) to show texture, but are blended in a mode to make it very subtle.

That was it for the original, on a white background. Recently, the “firey” background was added, which is actually a yellowish salt rock with a polarized clouds layer blended on top.

Step by step drawing article here.